Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Style Spotlight: Cara Delevingne

Hello everyone, I'm Grace and I blog on over at Belle Mode. Yes go on... hop over there after you have read this post by all means. My lovely blogging bestie Estelle, who is also the Social Media Manager of this amazing blog has asked me to post on this wonderful blog. Of course I said yes... I'm not one to turn great opportunities down! So I thought I would so a Style Spotlight. This is where you pick a celebrity who's style you are loving right now. 
I am currently loving Cara Delevingne's style right now. I think she makes so many outfits look perfect and effortless. 

The leather jacket crops up twice here. I love how she styles her outfits. She can make a leather jacket, jeans and simple top look effortless and truly amazing. The middle photo i am assuming is from a shoot as her hair is tied back very slick and tightly but she even pulls off the really oversized coat look.  I love how she always wears converse and boots with what she wears.

Her beanie look. Here Cara is wearing a bright blue beanie which looks uber cool with her outfit. She also has on a vintage Levi's Denim Jacket which looks so great on her. Again with the plain black converse.


Here Cara is mixing two prints together which is very daring but she pulls it off perfectly. The Army jacket with the tartan shirt tied round the wast really works with the ankle boots and green beanie hat. Yet another wonderful look Cara!

Now I have in fact spotted Cara in full dungarees before but unfortunately I cannot find the picture which is typical because it would of been perfect in this post. As I spotted Cara in dungarees I decided to do my own little Cara Style.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be looking forward to maybe seeing some of you chit chat readers over on my blog? Thank you for reading and hopefully see you soon!

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