Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Songs You Should Download ASAP!

By Emma @

Waking up every morning for school can definitely be a pain. But I’ve learned that listening to some fun music can definitely make the morning a bit more tolerable. Here are my picks for some new music that you should add to your playlists, right now!

1. “All Night” by Icona Pop
Icona Pop’s last hit, “I Love It,” is just starting to feel a bit overplayed on the radio. But have no fear, because the Swedish duo has released this new single. It’s a must-have for any fall party playlist. In addition, Icona Pop will be releasing their new album, This Is…, on September 24. So be on top of the music scene by playing “All Night” on repeat, before it even hits the radio!

2. “Baby, I” by Ariana Grande
Thanks to her last hit, “The Way,” we already had figured out that Ariana Grande is this generation’s new Mariah Carey. Her newest song doesn’t disappoint, and her vocal range is still amazing. The song maintains her R&B-meets-pop sound in this hit, which is perfect for when you’re driving around town with the girls.

3. “Roar” by Katy Perry
There will be no more blue wigs, a la “California Gurls,” for this singer. But her music is just as catchy as ever with her new hit. This song encourages the opposite of staying quiet. So rock out to it with friends before a big game or pep rally!

4. “Royals” by Lordes (US Version)
Lordes is a 16-year-old from New Zealand, and lately, she’s been topping the charts! As her first single, “Royals” has already reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Alternative Song Chart. She’s actually the first female to grace the top of the chart in over 17 years! (Note: That was before she was even born.) Recently, “Royals” has been played on more mainstream, top hits radio stations across the US. It’s a cool tune to relax to while hanging with friends.

5. “Ways To Go” by Grouplove

Based upon the success of their last hit, “Tongue Tied,” it’s obvious that Grouplove has mastered the art of creating upbeat songs with a mellow feel. The group’s newest song has a carefree vibe that is perfect for lifting your mood after a rough day.

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