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Chit-Chat is an online blog for teenage girls by teenage girls that shares all things fashion, food, fun, and more! Our mission is to connect girls through their passions in an inclusive environment.

{The founders
Ashley Mason
Frannie Acciardo

In August of 2013, Signe & Estelle became the new Chit-Chat team!

Signe: Editor-In-Chief

Signe, a 15-year-old from the Midwest U.S., is the current Editor-in-Chief at Chit-Chat. She describes herself as artsy, ditzy, and deep, although always looks put together! Signe has a passion for writing, blogging, photography, travel, acting, and music. She's also a lover of cats, Polaroids, and vintage clothing. Signe hopes to be a writer or musician when she grows up!

Estelle: Social Media Manager

Estelle is the current Social Media Manager at Chit-Chat. She's a 14-year-old living in England, a place she says "drinks a lot of tea and has Harry Potter to its name." Estelle loves drama, music, traveling, and her dog, Toby. Beauty and fashion play a main role in Estelle's life, which she talks all about on her blog!

Estelle blogs @ Let Me Go xo

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