Saturday, October 19, 2013

Book Review: P.S I Love You

 Nothing gets my heart racing, palms clammy and head giddy quite like the prospect of reading a new book. I am a book-a-holic. Nope, I am not just an 'avid' reader, but I am an absolute book-a-holic. I suppose that's a lot better than being an alcoholic at 14, so my mum should be happy about that! My mum moans at me for spending 99% of my time on the internet and with my nose in a book, but really? I could be a lot worse! Oopsies, what is it with me and rambling!

Because of book-a-holic-ness (have I mentioned this already? haha.) I am always looking out for new books to read. But after browsing the bloggersphere for quite a while, I didn't come across any blogs that included book reviews. So without further rambling I am immensely excited to introduce you to a new weekly feature on my blog; 'Falling For Fiction Thursday' where I'll post my thoughts on a book that I love or have read recently! I have so many books that I would love to bombard you with, so every week I will be posting about a new book!

So today I thought that I would start off with one of my all time favourite books, 'PS I love you'. You've probably seen, or heard of the film - No it's almost guaranteed you've either heard about it or seen the film! 

As I mentioned before in this post I am 100% an absolute sucker for heart-wrenching, tear-jerking and page-turning romance books, and if you're like me, then you are in for an absolute treat with 'P.S. I Love You'. The book is about a couple Holly and Gerry, but it has such an unexpected twist. "They were childhood sweethearts", "destined to be together" and were expected to "stay together for the rest of their lives." But then the unthinkable happens, as Gerry is diagnosed with a brain tumour and passes away, leaving Holly devastated and thinking she has no purpose without "her Gerry". However, Holly discovers that Gerry has left her a bundle of notes for each month for a year, with little messages to guide her into a new life without him, each signed 'PS, I love you'. Aw-eee isn't it simply the cutest?!?! I know the cancer aspect really touches the heart of many people, including myself as we all know of somebody who has been affected by this terrible disease. However, some books seem to rely on this fact to make the book sad, but this is not the case in this book as you feel the pain of Holly and you feel as if you are experiencing the devastating effects of it alongside her. Although the book does include some serious issues it is also full to the brim of witty sentences, and one minute you're crying, the next you're giggling away to yourself like a mad woman! But yet Ahern does all of this without crossing that line where cute and bearable cheesiness becomes, well a block of Cathedral City mature Cheddar. (I really should stop with these awful cringey jokes!) Ahern has a very 'modern' style of writing which makes it all the more relatable for the reader, and I think this is why so many of us shed a tear whilst reading. Holly's friends and family are such 'real' characters and as cheesy and stereotypical as this is, you really do feel as if you know them by the end of the novel. 

I couldn't possible fault this novel if I'm honest. Ahern effortlessly captures the raw emotions of the characters, especially Holly, and you are left daydreaming for a similar relationship. I found myself wanting to turn the page before I had even finished the current page, and once I'd finished it I was left wishing for more! However, although it was tackling an incredibly hard topic I found that it was still quite a light hearted read, but it did pull at the heart strings. 

Much love, Lauryn x

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