Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Perfect Pamper Evening

Okay, we've all been there. Had that one particularly stressful day, week, month at work, school, you get the picture. So, as girls, what idea automatically pops into our heads? A girly pamper evening of course! That's right, pamper yourself until you feel like a princess. But everybody has their own way, so let me introduce you to my idea of the perfect pamper night in!

Right, first of all turn off that phone, you can give tweeting and texting a little rest for now! Plus this also stops you from taking those uber-embarrassing bath-leg-selfies that are currently filling up our instagram news feeds (Trust me, you'll regret them).

Now we all know a pamper night is hardly complete without a nice, hot soak in the tub. So after turning off your phone, its time to prepare the tub. Pour a generous amount (bubbles are an essential!) of your favourite bubble bath under hot running water, and leave the bath be for a minutes.

Whilst your waiting for the bath to fill up, de-clutter the bathroom, add in a fresh towel, a fresh dressing gown and fresh pj's and you're almost good to go. A good idea here is to take off your make up using your favourite cleanser - the steam from the bath will trap your make up in your pores if you leave it on!

The final prep you need to do is light a candle! Now, as I mentioned previously, I am completely and utterly head-over-heels in love with the parma violets scent, so when my friend bought me this candle for my birthday I was over the moon! I really feel that a candle completely relaxes you, and adds a happy-go-lucky feel to the atmosphere! 

By now, the bath should be deep, hot and completely bubble filled! I always add in a bath bomb, or a bath creamer at this point, because I think this an essential! I decided to use this bath bomb from a little bath bomb shop near where I live because the small hearts are confetti, and the 'herby' bits make the bath smell gorgeous! 

So hop in, and just take 10 minutes to relax and gather your thoughts- the buffing and de-fuzzing can come later! After soaking for a good 10 minutes, you should feel super calm, should have left your day (and your worries) behind you - you are now in a complete bubble of relaxation!

Now comes the buffing and de-fuzzing! So the first step is to get the picture! Next is my favourite part - the buffing! Now, the product that I love to use is the Soap and Glory 'Flake Away' scrub which firstly, like all soap and glory products, smells simply amaaaaazzinnnggg, and secondly, after using this product, your legs go from reptilian to radiant - it's truly fabulous!

The Lush shower jelly is a must have for any pamper evening.(Although I must admit this is my sisters- but-fortunately for me-she lets me use it in return for my Body Shop coconut wash!) My favourite is the sweetie-pie shower jelly-and let me tell you, it really lives up to the name! On the pot it says 'this is a party in a pot. Make everyday feel like you birthday' and I agree with this little statement 100%! It smells good enough to eat, it's long lasting and best of all? It's infused with glitter so 
it leaves you sparkling- as well as squeaky clean! 

                                  Almost there. The final step is to give your hair a wash. 
So give it a good clean, and while you're at it, a little 
head massage is perfect for relieving any stress. I don't 
really have an essential shampoo and conditioner, although 
I do love Tresemme platinum strength, it leaves your hair 
glossy, silky and light! So, that's it! (the bath side anyway!)

Now, hop out of the tub, dry yourself with a nice clean 

and if you're lucky enough to have a heated towel rail- 
then warm) towel, and pop on those nice fresh pj's (ahh!)

But, who are we kidding? Any pamper night is hardly complete

without...yes, you guessed it - a face mask! I currently have
a selection of face masks that I received for my birthday a few
weeks ago, which I love because they make my skin feel so soft and 
supple! (My little sister joined me on this step-what girl can 
resist a facemask!)

Sometimes after a hot bath, your legs can get slightly de-hydrated

so I suggest you massage a generous amount of moisturiser in! Not 
only will your legs be extremely grateful- you will also have uber
soft and silky legs! I am absolutely loving the Body Shop Coconut 
'Body Milk', not only does it smell heavenly, but it is also leaves
your legs ridiculously soft!

Despite the fact you may now have perfect pins, your hands and nails
must be getting increasingly jealous- so it's now time to show them
a little love and affection! Grab a hand cream (Soap and Glory Hand
Food is my favourite) and give yourself a nice hand massage. Next,
pick a nail varnish - my current favourite is the Fearne Cotton in 
Coral, it's really summery and a lovely colour!). After painting your
nails, its always a good idea to go over the top with a clear nail
varnish - I use the MUA one because its cheap and effective, plus this
prevents any immediate chipping- (lets be honest, chipped 
nails don't look good on anybody!) Also, by now your facemask should
be dry so take it off with warm water, and pat your face dry.

So after all of that pampering, hop into bed with your favourite magazine

(Mine has to be company!), your headphones, a bar of chocolate 
and a good book. A bit decadent? yes, maybe, but you've well and 
truly earnt it!

So there you go lovelies, that was a slightly different style of
post today, but I hope you've enjoyed it and take a few hours 
out of your busy schedules to pamper yourself until you feel like a princess!


Much love, Lauryn x

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