Monday, October 21, 2013

Tips on improving your fitness

By Grace @

Hello lovelies,
I am Grace and I blog on over at Belle Mode.  I am a fashion and beauty blogger and I love to dance and act. Today I am here to talk to you all about fitness. Now I am on a fitness boost and I am determined to tone up.  I am going to tell you about how I do it!

I go for regular runs. Running works all of the muscles in your body. You are using your arms, your legs and your stomach. A quick tip here, pull your tummy in when running and it helps to strengthen your tummy muscle. If you are going to go running though make sure you have some proper running trainers. Running in shoes like converse which you may think are trainers are not. They don’t give you the support. I have unfortunately experienced shin splints before which is common within runners.  If you feel slight pain in your shins when running, stop running for a while. You don’t want to risk hurting yourself.

Working out from home. I use an awesome youtube channel called blogilates.
Cassey Ho is the founder of the youtube channel blogilates. She is a trained fitness instructor and does all sorts of routines to your favourite songs. Cassey  has routines for your whole body. I can recommend a few, Cardio Ballet Challenge.  As I do ballet I was intrigued  for this. It’s a great legs and bum workout. I really love doing this one! Abs challenges. Cassey has lots of Abs challenges and my oh my after doing one you wake up the next morning and your hurting. You can feel that you have worked out. Cassey also has Pilates, arm workouts and so much more. I also recommend doing some Cardio with the stretches. My dad has also bought me the insanity dvd as he found it somewhere for lots cheaper than its meant to be so we will be trying that shortly.

Eating healthily. Try to eat 5 a day everyday. It is possible. This is how I do my five a day. I have a portion of raisins with my bran flakes in the morning, an apple at break time at school. In your lunch have a portion of grapes. That’s 3 portions and your only  at lunch time! And then with your dinner have 2 different vegetables. Simples. Switch crisps for a fruit bag. I haven’t had a bag of crisps in my lunch for over a month. I have switched crisps for a piece of fruit. Substitute fatty foods for a healthier option.

I have felt lots better about myself since I have been working out and eating healthier. I also have an after school job which includes fitness which is all good for you. Even taking the stairs instead of the escalator can work. Every night after my dinner I go for a walk. Walking is great after dinner and is also really good to clear your mind. I really enjoy going for a walk with my mum.  I know getting motivated to get fit and healthy is sometimes hard and you have those days where your walking through the shop and you see a chocolate bar you really fancy. Sometimes it's ok to have it. Treats are great to have in moderation, but other times I personally think ‘Do I really need this?’.

I hope this gives you some tips and tricks on getting healthy.  I would love to see you bunch of lovely people over on my blog.
Speak to you soon.

Grace xx

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